KEPL launches API Steam Turbine in India

Published on: 

KEPL, a manufacturer of “API process pumps” and API steam turbines, has announced the launch of India’s first indigenously-developed next generation API steam turbine ‘K-Tur’.

K-Tur is said to be among the most efficient single-stage turbines with a wide spectrum of interesting features such as steam shields, blade-tip seals and reusable bearing liners. The steam turbine uses profile blading, which helps in reducing the windage losses, thus improving its efficiency. K-Tur machine is also said to have the facility of installing mechanical seals instead of the normal carbon rings.


Currently, the K-Tur turbine is available in two frames. The first one (KT-B) is for the power requirements up to 1 MW and the second frame (KT-D) is for the power requirements up to 3 MW. The K-Tur Drive Turbines are also available in Condensing and Back Pressure Configuration.

KEPL is the first Indian company to develop the steam turbines in compliance with the American Petroleum Institute (API 611) specifications. KEPL is a part of the Kirloskar Brothers, an engineering conglomerate and an Indian MNC.