Kindle Energy 725 MW 7HA.03 Order

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GE to supply hydrogen-capable turbine to Louisiana plant

GE is securing an order from Kindle Energy to provide H-Class power generation equipment for its 725 MW natural gas-fired Magnolia Power Plant in Plaquemine, Louisiana. Once in operation in 2025, the plant is anticipated to be the most efficient in the MISO South system. It will be initially fueled by natural gas, with up to 50% hydrogen by volume as it becomes more available.

The Kindle Energy-Magnolia Power Project will be powered by a GE 7HA.03 gas turbine, the second of its kind in North America, an STF-A650 steam turbine, a triple pressure with reheat Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) and Mark VIe Distributed Control System (DCS) software solution.


Kindle Magnolia's STF-A650 is a two casing Steam Turbine (ST) featuring a separate High Pressure (HP) and combined Intermediate Pressure and Low Pressure (IPLP) section. The unit uses GE's ST modularized approach utilizing shared HP, IPLP, and LP modules.

GE will provide power plant services for nearly two decades.