Kistler Quality Assurance Solutions at Control 2023

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Modular inspection and test systems with AI integration aim to optimize production processes.

At this year's Control Trade Fair in Stuttgart, Germany, held May 9 – 12, 2023, Kistler is presenting a range of modular inspection, test, and measurement solutions for quality control throughout the production process. Exhibiting at booth 7507 in hall 7, Kistler's portfolio will include sensors and complete solutions for production, assembly, and data management, featuring innovations such as the mobile handheld testing devices in the 5811 family and the cerTEST 3 test system for torque tools. The company will also showcase the latest version of the KVC 821 automatic optical testing system, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to minimize scrap production.

As complex industrial production processes must meet market demands for product quality and transparency, precise measurement data is essential from the beginning of the process chain to optimize individual steps and minimize scrap. Kistler addresses these needs by offering test, measurement, and inspection solutions for the entire process chain, including individual force and optical sensors and complete, easy-to-operate solutions that deliver precise data. These tools enable manufacturers across various industries to meet quality requirements.

Kistler's KVC 821 automatic optical testing system, suitable for use in sectors ranging from punching and fastening technology to the medtech industry, employs optical measurement technology to capture detailed data on dimensional stability, geometric attributes, and surface characteristics of tested units. Image processing is managed by the KiVision software, while AI is used to assess the parts. The image processing software utilizes anomaly detection to identify defects on the surfaces of tested parts.


The cerTEST 3 torque tool test system features technology and software. The web-based CEUS 10 program guides users through measurements and offers the possibility of storing individual parameters for torque tools. Test records are stored in a database. The battery-powered cerTEST 3 allows for fast mobile testing of rotating tools in the assembly line.

Kistler's booth will also display a measuring chain example for precise quality assurance, integrating measurement data directly into the production process. This chain consists of the maXYmos NC process monitoring system, force sensors, and a compensation element. The maXYmos NC can control the drive or electromechanical axis, and the test solution can be assembled to meet individual requirements, either as a measuring chain or a complete system.

The new mobile handheld testing devices in Kistler's 5811 family allow plant operators to verify the functionality of sensors used for quality control directly on the machine and sensor. The device's touchscreen can display and check up to three input signals, enabling users to compare, examine, and verify sensor data directly in situ and optimize their production parameters based on the measurement data.