Knust-Godwin Buys Sapphire XC

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Manufacturer expands 3D printing capabilities

Velo3D is selling a Sapphire XC 3D printer to Knust-Godwin.

One of Knust’s goals is providing ease to production limits faced by customers with a smaller manufacturing ceiling and providing the means to print larger parts, expanding their additive manufacturing (AM) abilities.

“By adding a Sapphire XC… we can better serve our customers … as well as differentiate our (AM) offering from our competitors”, says Mike Corliss, VP of Technology at Knust.

The Sapphire XC prints up to 600 mm in diameter and 550 mm in height, uses eight 1-kilowatt lasers, and has a faster recoater versus the original Sapphire; increasing efficiency by more than 400% compared to the original Sapphire.

Knust’s Sapphire XC will reside in their Katy, Texas facility. Calibrated for Inconel 718, it’s fully compatible with their other printers. All six printers utilize Flow print preparation, Assure quality assurance software, as well as the Velo3D Intelligent Fusion manufacturing process.