Koch, Chart to Develop Cryogenic Carbon Capture Tech

Published on: 

The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, aiming to explore and pursue opportunities for carbon capture technology deployment.

Koch Engineered Solutions LLC (KES) and Chart Industries, Inc. have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), establishing a collaborative framework to deliver carbon capture solutions across multiple industries. Chart Industries is a global producer of cryogenic equipment and industrial gas processes, while KES brings experience in engineered solutions.

Under this agreement, the companies will jointly further the advancement and deployment of Chart’s Cryogenic Carbon Capture (CCC) technologies. They aim to pinpoint appropriate locations where CCC technology can be implemented and expanded.

The KES' portfolio encompasses Koch-Glitsch, known for its advanced mass transfer equipment, Koch Specialty Plant Services, which specializes in the fabrication of onsite vessels and the installation of process-critical equipment, and Optimized Process Designs, a renowned provider of engineering, procurement, and construction services.

Chart will integrate some of these capabilities in the construction and operation of an engineering-scale CCC process at the cement plant of Central Plains Cement Company LLC in Sugar Creek, Missouri. Central Plains Cement Company LLC is a fully owned subsidiary of Eagle Materials Inc.


KES' commercial director of carbon capture, Ben Gurtler, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "With our advantaged capabilities in plant equipment design and services, KES is excited to partner with Chart, an established global engineering and manufacturing company with all mission-critical equipment and technology for carbon capture in a one-stop shop. This partnership will enable both companies to grow our knowledge and better serve our respective customers."

Jill Evanko, CEO of Chart Industries, shared similar sentiments, noting, "Working with KES will enable our cutting-edge technology to reach even more potential customers across the industrial value chain. We look forward to identifying and collaborating on opportunities to grow this partnership."