Kuwait’s power plant upgrade to combined-cycle mode boosts output to 2,000MW

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Kuwait’s Sabiya power plant has successfully been upgraded to combined cycle operation in the project's second phase using GE’s advanced gas turbine combined cycle technology. This recent upgrade to combined cycle mode (phase 2) has boosted the plant’s output to more than 2,000 MW, increasing Kuwait’s power generating capacity by nearly 20 per cent, according to a statement issued by GE.


The combined-cycle conversion enables the plant to increase its output without any increase in fuel consumption, boosting its operating efficiency. Phase two of the combined cycle power plant project began commercial operation to meet the country’s peak electricity demands during the hot summer months.

The government-owned Sabiya station is said to be Kuwait’s largest power plant, which is using GE's advanced gas turbine-generator technology in combined cycle operations, to produce additional electricity for the grid. Kuwait’s power demand is growing at approximately 7-10 % per year, and at this rate, the country estimates it will reach national peak load demand of 25,000 MW by the year 2025.