KVC Dry Claw Pump

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Used in degasification, thermoforming, central vacuum systems, and more

KVC series claw pumps have a small footprint. They can be operated contactless, so maintenance and wearing parts is minimal. They are oil-free, air-cooled compressors that come in 8 varieties – from the KVC60 to the KVC1000.

The motors are NEMA framed, being compatible with variable speed drives. The gears are synchronized to ensure efficiency in rotor movement. A lifting eyebolt allows the unit to be removed from the frame easily for repairs. Maintenance intervals on the unit run at 20,000 hours.


The Viton shaft seal does not need to be pressurized thanks to two labyrinth piston O-rings with atmospheric venting. It can vacuum down to 27” Hg or 75 Torr to support a wide variety of applications. The shaft itself follows a horizontal design.

Sound levels run as low as 76 dB because of an integrated internal discharge silencer. This plus the Kinney base and enclosure, this machine features some of the lowest noise levels with this technology.