Pennsylvania combined cycle features Siemens H-class

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Lordstown Energy Center (LEC) is a 940MW combined-cycle power plant (CCGT) located 80km southeast of Cleveland in the village of Lordstown, Ohio, US. The main developer of the project is Clean Energy Future.

Ground-breaking was conducted in June 2016 and commercial operations are expected to begin by mid-2018.

Engineering and procurement for the $853m project has already been completed along with the installation of all major equipment on the site. The plant will use natural gas from the Utica and Marellus Shales.  The produced power will be delivered to PJM Interconnection’s regional transmission network.

The combined-cycle plant has two SGT6-8000H gas turbines and one SST6-5000 steam turbine. It also comprises two air-cooled SGen6-1200A generators, one hydrogen-cooled SGen6-2000H steam generator, and two NEM heat recovery system generators.


The electrical equipment being installed at the plant features the SPPA-T3000 instrumentation control system.

The LEC will be installed with emission control equipment, including dry low NOx burners, two catalytic oxidation systems, two selective catalytic reduction systems, and a high-efficiency drift eliminator.

Clean-Ramp technology will help main stack emissions at 2ppm NOx and 2ppm CO during loading up.