LPP Combustion proposes solution for ships

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Lean, Premixed, Prevaporized (LPP) combustion technology converts liquid fuels into a substitute for natural gas, which can power most combustion devices while yielding emissions comparable to that of ordinary natural gas. By allowing a wide range of otherwise liquid fuels to be vaporized into a clean burning natural gas substitute to power gas-fired turbine electric systems, LPP Combustion’s patented technology reduces both costs and emissions.

 LPP Combustion’s Clean Shipping entry centered on its patented fuel-processing technology that allows a range of light liquid hydrocarbons to be used in place of liquid natural gas (LNG) in low-emissions gas turbines for shipboard power generation. Because LPP Combustion skids enable clean use of readily storable liquids in gas turbines, they eliminate the cost and complexity of installing shipboard LNG storage systems while still achieving natural gas level emissions for shipboard gas turbines.


The LPP System allows rapid switching between liquid fuels and natural gas by providing operation on liquid fuels, even for gas turbines that have no current capability to burn liquid fuels.