LPP liquid-gas conversion unit gets order in shale gas application

Published on: 

LPP Combustion, LLC has announced its first commercial order for an LPP Skid to World Wide Water Solutions LLC (W


S) of Phoenix, AZ.  W


S will utilize the NGL 30 Fuel Preparation Skid to vaporize natural gas liquids and flare gas for a Capstone C30 gas turbine that will provide power to a W



S mobile water treatment trailer.

Initially, the W3S portable trailer with the LPP Skid-equipped 30 KW gas turbine will be deployed to purify water used in the shale oil and gas fields where there is an urgent need to clean and reuse water for drilling and fracking operations.

The patent-pending W3S technology economically and effectively treats produced water, bringing it to a "fresh" state that can then be reused by the industry or returned safely to the source, while dramatically reducing energy usage and maintenance costs for the end user.

The LPP Combustion technology, combined with a low emissions gas turbine, eliminates the need for high-cost and highly polluting diesel power in remote drilling and fracking sites, while enabling the clean use of locally available flare gas and natural gas liquids for electric power generation.

Prior to this commercial deployment, the patented LPP Combustion technology had been tested for more than 1,000 hours of operation on combustion system for gas turbines ranging in size from 30 KW to 7 MW. LPP Skids can be designed to vaporize a wide variety of liquid fuels to burn as cleanly as natural gas in combustion turbines and other gas-fired burners, reducing emissions by up to 90 percent compared to liquid firing. Green fuels such as ethanol can also be utilized.