M2X Energy, Element 1 to Use Low-Carbon Methanol as Hydrogen Feedstock

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The companies will conduct a joint research and development program to use low-carbon methanol as a feedstock for distributed hydrogen production.

M2X Energy and Element 1 Corp announced the beginning of a joint research and development program to explore the use of M2X’s low-carbon methanol carrier as a feedstock point-of-use hydrogen production. Element 1 will demonstrate the viability of low-carbon methanol produced by M2X’s gas-to-methanol unit for a hydrogen generation unit, prior to the conversion to electricity.

“M2X is excited about this collaboration with Element 1,” said Paul Yelvington, Chief Science Officer at M2X. “Serving as a supplier of low-carbon methanol for Element 1’s process equipment demonstrates our product market fit and the value of M2X low-carbon methanol as an attractive, low-cost hydrogen carrier, especially during the energy transition.”


Process technologies developed by M2X and Element 1 can accelerate clean energy production in demanding locations: sites in which the power grid is overloaded and operating conditions require adaptability and grid dependence. After the confirmation of M2X’s low-carbon methanol as a feedstock for methanol-to-hydrogen systems, methane-rich stranded gases may be harnessed for downstream stationary power applications such as hydrogen refueling stations and on-board generation for road vehicles, trains, and maritime vessels.

With the implementation of production credits for hydrogen and clean fuels in the U.S.’s Inflation Reduction Act, M2X and Element 1 are positioned to provide an integrated pathway to low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen with simplified logistics for production, transportation, and storage. In the future, M2X will seek out commercial partnerships to use its low-carbon methanol in deployed hydrogen generation equipment using Element 1 technology.

“Low-carbon methanol, such as that produced by the M2X process, offers the most economical and practical pathway to widespread adoption of grid-independent electricity production while maintaining a low-carbon footprint,” said Dave Edlund, co-founder and CEO of Element 1 Corp. “We are pleased to be partnering with M2X Energy on this important demonstration.”