M701JAC Launched at Thai Power Plant

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This 5.3 GW gas turbine combined-cycle (GTCC) power plant project is a milestone with the operation of its fifth M701JAC gas turbine.

Mitsubishi Power has begun the operation of the first M701JAC unit at a natural gas-powered facility in Rayong Province, Thailand. This progress denotes the fifth unit out of a total of eight M701JAC gas turbines being delivered under a 5.3 GW contract Mitsubishi Power obtained in 2018.

Situated about 130 km southeast of Bangkok, the Rayong facility is managed by Gulf PD, a collaborative venture between Gulf Energy Development PCL, an independent power producer in Thailand, and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Power generated at these facilities will be purchased by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Thailand's state power company, improving the reliability and efficiency of energy production in the country.

The current achievement is part of a comprehensive contract signed in 2018, encompassing the establishment of two GTCC thermal power generation installations in the provinces of Chonburi and Rayong. Each facility features four M701JAC gas turbine units, providing an output of 2.65 GW. Five gas turbines have been delivered within the contract delivery timeframe. The entire project is scheduled for commercial operation by October 2024. The Chonburi power plant began commercial operations in October 2022, recording over 25,000 actual operating hours. Each of the two power plants in the project comprises four power trains, each consisting of a gas turbine, steam turbine, heat recovery steam generator, and a generator.


Gulf Energy Development PCL acknowledged the engineering and construction expertise of Mitsubishi Power: "Despite the challenging post-COVID-19 conditions, Mitsubishi Power has commendably managed to commence the operation of the first gas turbine unit of the Rayong power plant on schedule. We understand the intricate nature of executing this project, but we trust in the team's ability to surmount challenges and complete the entire project on time. We look forward to an ongoing collaboration with Mitsubishi Power and other partners to ensure this project's success."

Ryo Takubo, President and Managing Director of Mitsubishi Power (Thailand) Ltd., commented on the achievement: “The successful delivery of the first unit within the contract period is a testament to the collective expertise gained during the construction of the Chonburi power plant, and the unwavering commitment of Gulf Energy Development, Mitsubishi Power, and all involved parties to work together as a unified team. As we move forward with the remaining units, we will continue to work closely with our partners to contribute to the supply of stable power for the people of Thailand.”