Macro Sensors for gas turbines

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TE Connectivity has launched the Macro Sensors 750 Series LVDT Position Sensors for predictive maintenance of gas turbines,which serve as part of process control systems used to monitor shell expansion and bearing vibration.

Installed on turbine shells, these hermetically-sealed AC-operated LVDTs measure shell expansion, providing a linear output that operators utilize to determine proper thermal growth of a turbine shell during startup, operation and shutdown. The UL/ULC Listed and ATEX Approved Position Sensors are also used to monitor bearing vibration to detect bearing clearance limits that is indicative of bearing wear.

If the bearing starts to wear, turbines must be serviced during a scheduled outage, a better option than having the turbine trip off and shut down operations due to excessive vibration.

The Macro Sensors HLR 750 Series LVDTs offers contactless position measurement and operate in temperature ranges of -65°F (-55°C) up to 300°F (150°C) that are critical in these power plant applications. Available in full-scale measurement ranges from ±1 to ±10 inches, these stainless steel position sensors are said to feature high resolution, excellent repeatability better than 0.01% of full scale and non-linearity of less than 0.25% of full range output.


Units are listed for Class I Division 1 intrinsically safe or Class I Division 2 non-incendive environments by Underwriters Laboratories.

TE Connectivity supplies electronics for the HLR 750 series, which work with either conventional differential input LVDT signal conditioners or ratiometric signal conditioning circuits. Macro Sensors signal conditioners are available with analog voltage or digital outputs as well as push button controls. For added protection against environmental elements, electronics can be installed in explosion-proof enclosures and connected to LVDTs using a suitable conduit.