MAN Cryo Designing, Integrating Hydrogen Supply for RoPax Ferries

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Torghatten Nord A/S contracted MAN Cryo to design and integrate bunkering systems, hydrogen piping, vent masts, and a hydrogen process plant for two new-build vessels.

As part of Norway’s government initiative to cut emissions from vessels operating in the Lofoten Islands crossing, MAN Cryo has been contracted to work on a project to design and engineer two hydrogen-powered new-build RoPax ferries for Torghatten Nord A/S. The new vessels were designed by the Norwegian Ship Design Co. and the hulls were constructed at the Cemre shipyard in Turkey, then towed to Norway’s Myklebust shipyard for outfitting.

“This new order underscores MAN Energy Solutions' leadership within developing future-fuel systems for the maritime sector. With a strong focus on advanced engineering, tailored design and integration capabilities, our specialist team at MAN Cryo is setting new standards in sustainable marine operations,” said Henrik Malm, Managing Director MAN Energy Solutions Sweden. “In this way, we are contributing significantly to 'Moving Big Things to Zero,' a testament to our vision for a cleaner, greener maritime future where innovation leads the way in reducing ecological footprints. Torghatten Nord is set to change ferry transportation with these vessels powered by green hydrogen, which will be a critical step towards achieving zero-emission operation.”

MAN Cryo will develop the detailed design for bunkering systems, hydrogen piping, and vent masts for the ferries and serve as the system integrator for the hydrogen process plant in collaboration with additional major suppliers. This equipment will enable the vessels to operate on green, compressed hydrogen, and both are set for delivery to Torghatten Nord A/S in 2026.


“We have been working with MAN Cryo on several projects in the past, and we know it as a forward-thinking and solution-oriented company,” said Gjermund Johannessen, CEO of The Norwegian Ship Design Company. “We look forward to continuing our good collaboration with MAN Cryo and to bring their gas expertise onboard the hydrogen ferry projects for Torghatten Nord.”

In April 2024, MAN Energy Solutions was contracted to provide three 6L21/31 DF-M generator sets (gensets) for a 7,990 dwt IMO type II chemical bunker tanker’s propulsion system. The dual-fuel gensets will comprise part of a diesel-electric propulsion system for the vessel with electrical motors driving twin fixed-pitch propellers using gearboxes. Dual-fuel generator usage will be optimized with an onboard battery-storage system.

“The MAN L21/31 engine is well-established in the market having racked up some 2,750 sales. The reliability of its cost-effective, port fuel-injection concept now prominently positions the 21/31 DF-M as the preferred, medium-speed, small-bore engine for genset and diesel-electric propulsion solutions, while also meeting market demands to balance both CAPEX and OPEX,” said Thomas S. Hansen, Head of Sales and Promotion, MAN Energy Solutions. “With the shipping market currently experiencing an increased interest in methanol as marine fuel, and orders for methanol-fueled ships steadily growing as part of many companies’ decarbonization strategy, we feel that the introduction of this dual-fuel engine is timely.”

CMP, a MAN Energy licensee and an engine-manufacturing segment of the Chinese State Shipbuilding Corp., will build the methanol engines in China and the vessel is to be delivered during Q4 2025. The new chemical bunker tanker will operate under a charter at the port of Singapore to deliver marine fuels. The port anticipates a sustainable supply of methanol from 2025 and beyond to meet future bunkering requirements for methanol-fueled vessels.