MAN Energy Solutions confirms LAES project

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Company formalizes partnership with Highview Power on liquid-air energy-storage (LAES) facility

MAN Energy Solutions will be providing its LAES turbomachinery solution to Highview Power’s CRYOBattery facility. Highview is currently constructing a 50 MW liquid-air, energy-storage facility – with a minimum of 250MWh – at Carrington Village, Greater Manchester (UK).

The liquid-air energy-storage plant uses cryogenically liquefied air as a medium for storing energy. Off-peak or excess electrical energy is used to compress ambient air and liquefy it in the charging cycle. The liquefied air is stored at low temperatures in insulated tanks. When power is required, liquid air is drawn from the tanks and evaporated again in the discharging cycle to generate electricity. The system efficiency is increased by using the stored cold and the compression heat. LAES is especially suitable for special applications that require large amounts of energy over a discharge time of several hours, and enables fluctuating, renewable sources to bear baseloads.


Construction of the CRYOBattery began in late 2020 with commercial operation set to commence during 2022. Highview Power will operate the facility in partnership with Carlton Power, a UK independent power-station developer.