MAN Energy Solutions to Fulfill RB-Type Compressor Order for FPSO Vessel

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MAN Energy has been commissioned to deliver 11 RB-type compressor trains for a Brazilian floating production, storage, and offloading vessel (FPSO) at the Raia project.

MAN Energy Solutions has been commissioned to deliver 11 electrically driven RB-type centrifugal-compression trains for installation on a FPSO vessel at the Raia project in the Campos Basin of Brazil—about 200 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The reservoir lies at a depth of approximately 2,900 meters and is estimated to hold more than 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

MAN Energy’s equipment supply, commissioned by Offshore Frontier Solutions, will support the FPSO’s gas lift, injection, and export applications.

  • Two trains with type RB 28-6+3 compressors as overhead units
  • Two trains with type RB 45-4+5 compressors as low-pressure units
  • Five trains with type RB 28-5 compressors as medium- and high-pressure units
  • Two trains with type RB 28-8 compressors as gas injection units

This is the largest single order ever received at MAN Energy Solutions Switzerland.

“We are proud to support the further development of Brazil’s energy industry with this large-scale project. With MODEC, we share a solid history of successful FPSO projects around the globe, and we look forward to continuing this collaboration,” stated Basil Zweifel, Head of Sales & Project Management, Up- & Midstream at MAN Energy Solutions. “Meeting the stringent CO2 reduction goals for this project in the challenging deep-water environmental conditions requires a high degree of flexibility and efficiency. Our comprehensive, technical expertise and the reliability of our compressor systems play a decisive role in reaching these targets.”

Gas injection and overhead compressor units are driven by fixed-speed electrical motors; the high- and low-pressure units will be outfitted with variable frequency drives (VFD). Both medium-pressure compressor units are equipped with a switch control system, allowing operators to select either fixed speed or VFD operation in line with their requirements. MAN Energy is expected to deliver the compressor trains in Q1 2024 and Q1 2025.

In cooperation with Repsol Sinopec Brazil and Petrobras, Equinor will operate the FPSO that is expected to produce up to 126,000 barrels of crude oil per day, as well as producing and exporting up to 16 million cubic meters of gas per day. MAN will help to maintain the field pressure of the units to maximize the quantity and efficiency of gas production. The Raia project is expected to produce the first gas quantities in 2028.

In July 2023, MAN Energy received a similar compressor order for an Angolan FPSO vessel from Yinson, a global energy infrastructure and technology provider. The company provided 11 RB-type compressor trains in the following configuration: three RB 45 units, three RB 35 units, three high-pressure and gas injection units (RB 28), and two SKUEL510 screw-compressor units.

"MAN Energy Solutions is eagerly anticipating the collaboration with Yinson on this expansive project for Angola's growing energy market,” said Zweifel. “Our advanced compression solutions, already demonstrating their reliability and energy efficiency in numerous FPSO projects globally, will now contribute to Angola's gas production. This order from Yinson confirms our role as a single-source provider for complete compressor technology equipment."