MAN technology secures natural gas transport in Bavaria

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MAN Diesel & Turbo has concluded a contract for the delivery of three MOPICO (MOtor PIpeline COmpressor) to German remote line network operator bayernets GmbH. The contract also comprises comprehensive maintenance services.

The new compressor station will be built in the Prettelshofen district of Wertingen in order to increase gas transport capacities and thereby satisfy the growing demand for natural gas. MAN compressors will be installed in the plant.

In September 2017, bayernets GmbH began with the construction for the compressor station. This is required because of loss of pressure in the long distance gas lines. In order to enable large volumes of gas to be transported across longer distances, compressors need to increase the pressure in the pipeline every 150 to 250 kilometers. This is the purpose of the three MOPICO machines, type RM 50, with integrated MECOS magnetic bearings which compress the natural gas to around 80 bar. The compressors are designed, manufactured and tested at MAN Diesel & Turbo in Zurich (Switzerland).


The machines will be delivered from summer 2018 onwards. In addition to their delivery, installation and commissioning, the contract also covers maintenance services for the next 20 years. The station will be put into operation in 2019