MAN turbines serve co-generation in China

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MGT 6200[/caption]

From 2017, two MAN turbines based on CHP will deliver around 17 MW of power and 35 MW of heat to an industrial park in the provincial capital of Changsha. The order placed by Changsha ENN Heating Power Co. Ltd, the energy provider for this large Chinese city, comprises the company’s proven THM series as well as an MGT 6100 gas turbine – the newest MAN gas turbine. The repeat success on the Chinese market is thanks in no small part to the cooperation with the Chinese partner company Shanghai Aerospace Energy Co. Ltd, who takes on the EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) responsibility for this project.


MAN turbine technology will replace an existing coal-based plant in Changsha. In February the company commissioned a combined heat and power plant in Anting, near Shanghai. It covers almost 25 percent of the energy needs of a massive car production site in the country and uses the two-shaft version, MGT 6200. The Changsha plant will be the first plant to use the single-shaft MGT 6100 turbine. In addition to that the well proven MAN THM-type turbine will be leveraged, which has already collected more than 20 million operating hours in 35 countries to date.