Marghera Levante Thermoelectric Power Plant Opens in Italy

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This new power plant features carbon-neutral technologies designed to help stabilize Italy’s energy grid.

Edison recently opened the Marghera Levante thermoelectric power plant. The plant, located in Porto Marghera (VE), represents a step in the country's transition toward greener energy.

The facility will help stabilize Italy's energy grid, delivering a flexible, low-carbon production capacity that complements the intermittent energy production of renewable sources. The plant contributes substantially to Italy's decarbonization goals as outlined in the National Integrated Plan for Energy and Climate.


With an installed capacity of 780 MW and an energy efficiency rating of 63%, the plant promises reductions in specific emissions. These include a reduction of up to 70% in nitrogen oxides (NOx mg/kWh) and up to 30% in carbon emissions (CO2 mg/kWh) when compared with the current average of Italy's thermoelectric park. The plant can meet the annual power requirements of approximately 2 million households.

The Marghera Levante combined-cycle natural gas facility by Edison leverages a 515 MW class 'H' turbine from Ansaldo Energia. Notably, this turbine is equipped to utilize a mixture containing up to 50% hydrogen and natural gas. The plant also includes a heat recovery steam generator, with an integrated catalytic system for NOx reduction, along with a 265 MW steam turbine.