MHPS to supply combined cycle to Hong Kong

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Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. (MHPS) has received an order for natural-gas-fired gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power generation system equipment for Lamma Power Station's Unit 12 (output: 380 megawatts [MW]) to be built in Hong Kong by The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd. (HK Electric). MHPS will supply the main components through Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), the prime contractor on the project, with operation of the new unit scheduled to begin in early 2023. The GTCC power generation equipment delivered to the Lamma Power Station will be a consecutive order following previous orders for Unit 10 received in November 2015 and Unit 11 in November 2016.

The newly ordered GTCC power generation facilities will be constructed on Lamma Island, which is located southwest of Hong Kong Island, adjacent to the existing Unit 9 and Units 10 and 11, which are currently under construction. The work is part of a large-scale project underway in line with the Hong Kong government authority's policy targeting expansion of the ratio of gas-fired power generation to 70% in 2023, as a way of reducing environmental impact as well as carbon emission.

Among the main equipment of the newly ordered GTCC power generation system, MHPS will manufacture and supply its M701F gas turbine, a steam turbine, a heat recovery steam generator, and a Selective Catalytic Reduction System (SCR). Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will supply the generator.


HK Electric is one of the Hong Kong's leading power providers and the sole electricity provider to Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island. MHPS has had business relations with HK Electric for many years, having delivered numerous power generation system core components-including gas turbines, steam turbines and boilers-for the Lamma Power Station. MHPS had also received many orders from HK Electric in the past for projects to convert existing facilities to GTCC and other high-efficiency power generation systems.