Microturbine Order for Renewable Site

Published on: 

Capstone Green Energy's West Coast distributor, Cal Microturbine, has secured a contract to provide a 3.4 MW microturbine based system for a renewable energy customer in southern California. The system, which will be configured with three Capstone Green Energy C1000S Signature Series microturbines and one C400S Signature Series microturbine, will provide onsite power at the customer's facility using renewable fuel.

"This order is indicative of the shift we are seeing to more renewable fueled energy projects in recent years," stated Jen Derstine, Vice President of Marketing and Distribution at Capstone Green Energy. "In fiscal 2019, renewables made up 7% of our overall business and in fiscal 2021 they made up 13% of our business. That should continue to grow based on incentives, access to renewable fuels and improvements in renewable energy technologies.”


The customer initially considered leveraging reciprocating engines for the project but ultimately selected Capstone Green Energy's microturbines due to their rating for low emissions and low life cycle costs.