Gas turbine integrated with AI: 10 mins start, 50 MW/min ramp rate, 9 pm NOx, 275 MW output

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Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) has announced that a leading Midwest US utility has ordered the new M501GAC Enhanced Response gas turbine. The SmartER GAC is an integration of MHPS’s G-Series turbine technology and MHPS-TOMONI analytics and artificial intelligence.  This combination provides clients an incredibly flexible peaking power solution to integrate with intermittent renewable energy and  create sustained, reliable and cost-effective power.

While advances in renewable generation technology continue, utilities and grid operators are faced with the challenge of increased intermittency caused by changes in wind conditions and sunlight.

MHPS’s Enhanced Response technology uses AI and data analytics to enable fast start, ramp rate and turn down features that make the SmartER M501GAC the new flexibility standard to complement intermittent renewables. Ten-minute fast start, 50 MW/ min ramp rate, 9 PPM NOx emissions, 275 MW output are some product features.


Independent Service Operators (ISO) in the West and Midwest are seeing an explosive growth of variable renewable resources such as wind and solar while seeking ways of ensuring grid stability.