Mitsubishi Power and Entergy partner to decarbonize utilities in four states

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Mitsubishi Power and Entergy Corporation signed a joint development agreement to collaborate on decarbonization projects for Entergy’s utility businesses in Arkansas and Louisiana, including the separate jurisdiction of New Orleans, Mississippi and Texas. The relationship will foster collaboration on project development and technology solutions toward enabling Entergy to create a "cleaner, more sustainable future for stakeholders by limiting carbon emissions from electric power generation," according to a press release.

Mitsubishi Power is a first mover in hydrogen-enabled gas turbine and long- and short-term storage solutions. It also provides the world’s first and only standard integrated green hydrogen packages - Hydaptive and Hystore - that optimize integration across renewables, energy storage, and hydrogen-enabled gas turbine power plants, which all work together to create and incorporate green hydrogen.

Entergy and Mitsubishi Power will focus on developing hydrogen-capable gas turbine combined cycle facilities, developing green hydrogen production, storage and transportation facilities; creating nuclear-supplied electrolysis facilities with energy storage; developing utility scale battery storage systems; and enabling economic growth through partnerships with the Entergy utility customers


In 2001, Entergy was the first U.S. electric utility to commit to limiting carbon dioxide emissions, a goal it extended through 2020. While operating one of the cleanest large-scale power generation fleets in the country, Entergy announced in March 2019 that it would further address climate risk by lowering its carbon emission rate to half of year-2000 levels by 2030.

Earlier this year, Mitsubishi Power announced technologies representing years of development to enable the transition to a low-carbon then carbon-free grid. The company announced the sale of  its first hydrogen-capable advanced class gas turbines in March for the Intermountain Power Plant, which plans to transition from coal to a mixture of 30 percent hydrogen with natural gas by 2025, ramping to 100 percent green hydrogen fuel by 2045. Last month the company announced a 200 MW lithium-ion battery storage project in Texas, its largest to date. This month Mitsubishi Power announced the world's first green hydrogen standard packages for power balancing and energy storage.