Mitsubishi Power claims highest market share in Middle East for heavy-duty gas turbines

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Mitsubishi Power said it has the top market share position in the Middle East in 2020 for 100MW and above heavy-duty gas turbines, citing McCoy Power Reports.

In August last year, the company was commissioned to supply three JAC gas turbine generators to be used in the 2,400-megawatt (MW) combined cycle (GTCC) plant being built in Fujairah, UAE. Full commercial operation of the plant is scheduled to begin in 2023, making it the largest natural gas fired GTCC facility in the country.


In February, the company announced that it secured the highest market share for heavy-duty gas turbine orders in the Americas in 2020, citing data from McCoy Power Reports. Orders in the Americas totaled 3,288 megawatts, representing 54 percent of total orders. More than half of Mitsubishi Power’s 2020 orders include a hydrogen performance guarantee or have a joint development agreement for hydrogen in progress.