Mitsubishi Power Completes First Equipment Delivery to ACES Delta Hub

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The delivered electrolyzer technology will facilitate the production of utility-scale green hydrogen in the United States.

Mitsubishi Power Americas delivered electrolyzers to the Advanced Clean Energy Storage Hub (ACES Delta Hub) in Delta, UT, for its Hydaptive hydrogen production plant, which will use electrolysis to produce green hydrogen. Once installed and operational, the system at ACES Delta Hub will almost double the yearly production of clean hydrogen worldwide.

“The integrated Hydaptive technologies will allow our customers to produce cost-effective hydrogen at scale, and facilitate the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future,” said Kent Rockaway, VP of Hydrogen Production, Mitsubishi Power Americas. “This equipment delivery represents just one of many milestones as we move closer toward completion of the ACES Delta Hub.”


The ACES Delta Hub is a joint project led by Mitsubishi Power and Chevron U.S.A.’s New Energies Company and is a large-scale hydrogen facility designed to produce, store, and deliver green hydrogen to the western United States. The hub will be capable of converting 220 MW of renewable energy into nearly 100 tons per day of green hydrogen, which will then be stored in two salt caverns with a collective storage capacity of more than 300 GWh of dispatchable energy.

ACES Delta Hub will supply hydrogen via pipeline to the Intermountain Power Agency’s IPP Renewed power plant project to achieve dispatchable energy storage with two advanced-class Mitsubishi Power J-series gas turbines. These turbines will operate on a 30% hydrogen/natural gas blend during the initial phase, eventually transitioning to 100% hydrogen by 2045 or sooner. Together, the Mitsubishi Power J-series turbines have a capacity of 840 MW of electrical generation.