Mitsubishi Power Delivers 30% Hydrogen-Fuel Gas Turbines to IPP Renewed Project in Utah

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Mitsubishi Power delivered 694,000 lb. turbines that were manufactured in Japan and utilize 30% hydrogen fuel.

Mitsubishi Power Americas delivered two hydrogen-ready M501JAC gas turbines to Intermountain Power Project (IPP) Renewed, in Delta, UT—the Intermountain Power Agency’s (IPA) power project. The turbines arrived in June and July and are awaiting installation and onsite testing before starting full operation in 2025. Advanced Clean Energy Storage (ACES Delta hub), a utility-scale renewable energy hub located adjacent to IPP, will produce, store, and deliver hydrogen to the power project site.

"With the delivery of these two J-Class gas turbines from Mitsubishi Power Americas, the IPP Renewed project is well on its way to becoming a beacon of innovation, paving the way for a cleaner, dispatchable energy footprint in the region,” said Cameron Cowan, General Manager of the IPA.

The turbines were manufactured at Mitsubishi Power’s facility in Takasago, Japan and will utilize 30% hydrogen fuel, with a goal of achieving 100% hydrogen by 2045 to dispatch carbon-free utility-scale power generation. The hydrogen-natural gas blend will reduce carbon emissions by more than 75% when compared to IPP’s present operations. The turbines are expected to deliver 840 MW of net-generation output.


"As we continue to support our customers with advances in clean energy technology, IPP Renewed is a perfect example of a real, steel-on-the-ground project,” said Bill Newsom, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Power Americas. “The project demonstrates that bringing together the right partners with the right capabilities supports essential renewable energy infrastructures emergence and moves the country further along the path to net-zero emissions. The long journey they traveled and final delivery of these two gas turbines is just the first of many milestones we look forward to celebrating with IPA.”

Under a 20-year agreement, Mitsubishi Power will provide service and maintenance for the gas turbines. A pipeline from the ACES Delta hub will feed the IPP Renewed project with hydrogen to operate the J-Class turbines.