Mitsubishi upgrade to boost Westinghouse equipment output by 74%

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Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) and Termocandelaria have announced an order for a new MHPS steam turbine and M501F gas turbine upgrades for the Cartagena power plant, along with an exclusive 15-year Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA). The order will enable the plant to operate on a combined cycle basis, increasing plant output by more than 74% and improving fuel efficiency by more than 35% — from 10,219 to 6,618 BTU/kWh lower heating value (LHV). It meets Termocandelaria’s goals to create electricity more affordably and reliably and with lower carbon emissions.

As part of the service package and MHPS’s long-standing commitment to Latin America, the company will upgrade the plant’s existing Westinghouse gas turbines by applying Advanced Class Gas Turbine materials and coatings to enhance performance, extend maintenance intervals, increase reliability and lower life cycle maintenance costs.

The LTSA includes the MHPS-TOMONI suite of Total Plant Solutions, which uses artificial intelligence monitoring tools to help guarantee the reliability and availability of what will be the most efficient combined cycle plant in Colombia. Marco Sanchez, MHPS Americas Vice President and Head of Intelligent Solutions, said, “MHPS Total Plant Monitoring develops predictive modeling scenarios to detect potential maintenance needs before they become issues and to enable condition-based maintenance.”

The customized MHPS hardware and software solutions will increase plant capacity from 324 to 566 MW, lower fuel and maintenance costs, and increase plant flexibility to produce affordable power for the citizens of Cartagena.


“MHPS has been a fundamental strategic partner for more than 13 years,” said Luis Miguel Fernandez, CEO for Termocandelaria Power Ltd. “In this new phase in which Termocandelaria will expand the Cartagena plant to be combined cycle—a move that is fundamental to Colombia´s requirements for reliable and efficient electricity—we are thrilled to have the continuous support and services of MHPS.”

“We’re proud of our relationship with Termocandelaria, which started in 2006 with the conversion of their Westinghouse 501F gas turbines to dual fuel capability,” said Paul Browning President and CEO of MHPS Americas. “We’re looking forward to adding more affordable, reliable electricity for the citizens of Colombia for households and businesses alike; that’s bringing a Change in Power.”