NETZSCH Showcases Compact, High-Flow TORNADO T1 Pump

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The pump is built to handle a wide range of process conditions.

NETZSCH Pumps USA has drawn attention to its TORNADO T1 Generation F pump, specifically developed to deliver high flow rates at low to medium pressures in a relatively compact design. Its operational adaptability makes it suitable for biogas and biomass applications. It’s capable of managing diverse viscosities, solids, temperatures, and abrasive or corrosive environments.

The TORNADO T1 Generation F pump offers flexibility for a range of orientations and installations. Its construction promises durability and dry-run capabilities, allowing it to withstand various process upsets without incurring damage, according to a company spokesperson. The pumps can handle capacities exceeding 4000 gallons per minute and pressures up to 130 psi.

NETZSCH's TORNADO T1 Generation F pump features a Full Service-in-Place (FSIP) design, facilitating maintenance and inspection capabilities. Removing the front cover enables access to the wear plates, lobes, and seals. Moreover, the NETZSCH Gearbox Security System (GSS) safeguards the timing gears and bearings, eliminating the need to access these components.


The GSS is an air gap that prevents product from the process side of the pump (wet-end) from contaminating the timing gear oil, thus reducing potential damage and enhancing long-term operation. This design detail can potentially reduce the overall cost of ownership and minimize the need for repairing bearings, lip seals, and timing gears.

Recent upgrades include improved flange sealing, a one-piece housing design, additional seal configurations, superior wear plates, and advanced materials and coatings that prolong operation life. NETZSCH's capability to blend its own rubbers and internally injection mold the lobes allows for better control over manufacturing tolerances and process variations, possibly contributing to a more durable product foundation.