Netzsch Showcasing Pumping Solutions at OTC 2023

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Pumping technology for upstream, midstream, and downstream oil industry applications will be on display at OTC 2023 Booth 4615.

Netzsch Pumps & Systems USA will be exhibiting its line of pumping solutions for the oil industry at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2023, taking place from May 1st to 4th. The showcased pumps, including NEMO progressing cavity pumps, TORNADO rotary lobe pumps, downhole PC pumps, NOTOS Multiple Screw Pumps, and PERIPRO peristaltic pumps, are designed for upstream, midstream, and downstream applications, which the company says offers benefits such as low-pulsation conveyance, high viscosity media handling, solid handling capability, and reduced lifecycle costs.

For upstream applications, Netzsch drive heads stand out due to their compact size, compared to other artificial lift systems, according to a company spokesperson. These drive heads connect directly to the well head, eliminating the need for a concrete base. The simple design minimizes maintenance requirements and requires little lubrication. Additionally, the ability to pump high contents of solids, gas, oil, and water makes this artificial lift method a preferred solution.

Caption: Netzsch’s NEMO progressing cavity pumps. Credit: Netzsch

Netzsch 's NEMO progressing cavity pumps and NOTOS 3NS multiple screw pumps offer technology for Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) and other midstream and downstream pumping applications. The NEMO pumps are efficient, reliable, and modular systems capable of handling hydrocarbons, reportedly providing a constant, smooth, and low-pulsating flow to help produce accurate flow readings.


The TORNADO rotary lobe pumps address a wide range of challenging downstream applications and solids control, featuring high power density, small space requirements, and the ability to convey almost any substance continuously and gently while metering in proportion to rotation speed. These pumps are designed to handle media that are sheer-sensitive, low- or high-viscosity, abrasive, and acidic or caustic.

The PERIPRO peristaltic pump provides low and large flow rates at various pressure ranges. This pump can handle viscous and abrasive media at high pressures.

By presenting these advanced pumping solutions at OTC 2023, Netzsch aims to provide oil industry professionals with efficient and reliable options for various applications, helping to address the industry's diverse requirements and challenges.