New 400 kW microturbine promises more than 40% efficiency

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The new A400 is a microturbine from Finland-based Aurelia Turbines that offers 400 kW of power but promises much higher efficiencies than the typical gas turbine. The company claims the efficiencies are more than 40% and the microturbine achieves it at a part load of 170 kW. Aurelia says this would make its gas turbine competitive with reciprocating engines that are today the technology of choice in that power range.

Unlike in a conventional microturbine that comes with a recuperator to increase efficiency, the A400 is a twin-shaft machine with the LP compressor driving an LP turbine and an HP compressor driving an HP turbine. The 2-spool turbine features a recuperator as well as an intercooler between LP and HP compressor to boost efficiency further.


The turbine is based on R&D by Lappeenranta University of Technology.