New Aeroderivative Turbine Orders

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LM2500XPRESS and TM2500 distribution

West Texas Gas (WTG) ordered two GE LM2500XPRESS delivering approximately 60 MW of power in total. WTG’s core businesses are natural gas distribution operations, natural gas transmission services, gas gathering/processing, and natural gas liquids transmission services. Each of the two LM2500XPRESS power packages comprises of a GE LM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine modular package and emissions control system. These units help WTG’s North Permian Midstream plant to process gas.


GE’s TM2500 power plant will help the Greek Island Kos avoid black outs by meeting power demand, ordered by TERNA SA. The TM2500 can reach full power in less than 10 minutes with an efficiency of 37% at 60 Hz and 35% at 50 Hz. In Kos, due to the lack of natural gas, the 33.6 MW unit will be fueled by light distillate provided by a tanker every two to four weeks and stored in large tanks. It will then be purified by a GE supplied liquid fuel module and stored in smaller tanks for use in the TM2500 gas turbine generator.