New Centrifugal Air Compressor

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Ingersoll Rand’s has released the MSG Turbo-Air NX5000 centrifugal compressor.

Ingersoll Rand’s MSG Turbo-Air NX5000 centrifugal compressor provides efficiency, lower total cost of ownership, uptime, hassle-free operation, and reduced maintenance needs. The compressor series is available in several configurations.


Design features include aerodynamic components (inlets, impellers, scrolls and diffusers) combined with low mechanical losses and power-conserving inlet throttle control (IGV) provide up to 5% better specific power than competitive models. An integrated structural base provides a foundation for the main driver and serves as a support platform for the side-mounted lube system/reservoir. A side-mounted lube reservoir with top-mounted components and standard duplex filters ease maintenance requirements and provide continuous, uninterrupted operation. Further features include gearbox inspection covers for simple accessibility, a split pinion bearing and seal design, intercoolers for specific flow and pressure requirements, and dual condensate connections

The horizontally split gearbox design ensures easy access to major rotating elements, bearing and seals. It is located on the gearbox cover, gearbox inspection ports make quick visual checks of gear and bearing conditions possible.