New furnace at service shop provides uniform temperature distribution

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H6660 TurboTreater units are capable of meeting AMS 2750D applicable requirements.


Allied Power Group (APG) in Houston, Tex. will be installing two new Ipsen Model H6660 TurboTreaters into their recently expanded manufacturing facility. Allied Power Group delivers repair of industrial gas turbine components including hot gas path and combustion components. 

The TurboTreaters delivered to APG include all-metallic hot zones are capable of processing 5,000 pound gross loads between 1000°F to 2400°F with +/- 10°F temperature uniformity. The patented Ipsen gas quenching system contains a 200 hp cooling motor for use with argon or nitrogen. The units are capable of meeting AMS 2750D applicable requirements.

The TurboTreater’s advanced convection heating design claims to provide temperature uniformity, while its High Pressure Gas Quenching (HPGQ) system is said to improve hardening qualities and reduce cycle times. In the fast quench cycle of a TurboTreater furnace, a turbine blower forces inert gas through dozens of Turbo nozzles. Careful geometric positioning of each nozzle helps to provde uniform quench gas flow throughout the entire workload, regardless of load size or workpart configuration.