New L.A. Turbine Headquarters

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Turbomachinery International recently visited the new 90,000 square foot headquarters facility of L.A. Turbine. This turboexpander firm conducts design, manufacturing, testing and aftermarket service at the office in Valencia in Southern California.

The company began operations over a decade ago in a nearby garage. As it grew, operations moved into a small facility used for aftermarket service. When it began to provide its own manufactured turboexpanders in 2007, however, it began to expand rapidly. By 2013, it operated in three buildings just over the hill from its current location. It has moved all functions into its new space apart from welding.


“We were bursting at the seams and had to operate a bus service to take employees to work due to lack of parking,” said Danny Mascari, President, L.A. Turbine. “With L.A. Turbine’s business growing, our new facility gives us the competitive edge to continue to design, manufacture, deliver and service turboexpanders plus provide aftermarket service and repair.”

Currently, the company operates in 45,000 square feet of the new building. The other half of the facility is undergoing construction. Once completed over the next few months, it will bring its welding unit into the new building.