New OPRA Turbine Burns Ultra-Low Calorific Fuels

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The OPRA 16-3C turbine[/caption]

OPRA Turbines has developed the OP16-3C gas turbine. It has the same engine core as the OP16-3A/B and the same power rating (1.85 MW). However the OP16-3C features a new combustor designed to burn ultra-low calorific gaseous and liquid fuels such as waste gas, syngas, biogas, coal derived gas, pyrolysis oil and ethanol.


The OP16-3C can run on fuels with heating values as low as 10 MJ/kg and lower under certain conditions. The combustor has been tested on several fuels including pyrolysis oil and a syngas with a heating value of 6 MJ/kg. It can operate in dualfuel mode with a high-calorific fuel (liquid or gas) as a back-up fuel, and in bi-fuel mode where a supplementary fuel can be used to boost an ultra-lean composition.

OP16 series of gas turbines have an allradial rotor configuration allowing for operation on flare gas and biofuels with higher levels of contaminants. The engines have low emissions combustion, low maintenance and a compact package. ‘The OP16-3C will enable OPRA to enter the waste-to-energy market as well as cater for the growing demand of alternative fuels within industrial combined heat and power (CHP) and remote oil and gas fields,” said Regine Mowill, Marketing Director, OPRA Turbines.