New Products: September/October 2014

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Steam control sensor

The Alliance Sensors Group has released the PG Series Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) linear position sensors. LVDT is a type of electromechanical transducer that can convert the motion of an object to which it is coupled into an electrical signal. These new sensors are designed and engineered for valve position sensing applications for steam turbine control systems in power plants.

Previously, the LVDTs used in the power industry were either designed by OEMs over 40 years ago, or are catalog LVDTs slightly modified for operation in a steam turbine environment. Over many years of using of these older products, design flaws have come to light, notably the fact that the LVDT's core would break off its operating rod under typical turbine vibrations. Alliance Sensors’ PG series include cores that cannot break loose, two double contact shaft seals to prevent contaminants from getting inside the LVDT's bore, screw clamping terminals, sensor operation up to 350°F (175°C) and an over-temperature indicator built into the sensor.

PG Series LVDTs are available in five full scale ranges from 0- to-3 to 0-to-15 inches. Models include the PGHD Heavy Duty series LVDT with a 1-1/16 inch body diameter and the PGSD Super Duty series LVDT with a 1-5/16 inch body diameter. Either series is available certified for operation in mild radiation environments at extra cost.

Drivetrain coupling tool

Emerson's Power Transmission Solutions has introduced an online tool for tracking the location, life history, revision drawings and installation instructions for drivetrain couplings, whether installed or in spares inventory. Developed by Emerson's Kop-Flex business unit, the web-based tool, known as the Asset Management Program (AMP) for couplings, identifies couplings, displays the location, identifies parts and couplings at the site that are interchangeable, and gives a service history and action to be taken during service intervals. AMPs graphics display configurations include end-user stock code, serial numbers, OEM part numbers, Kop-Flex part numbers, location of spares or interchangeable parts, bill of material, latest revisions of the assembly drawing, installation instructions and service history. The system also maintains records on training, troubleshooting analyses and service reports. Coupling AMP is a subscription service maintained by Emerson.

Flanged one-piece shaft collars from Stafford Manufacturing[/caption]


One-piece shaft collars

Importing a keyway and the Accu-Clamp in a non-marring design, Stafford Manufacturing’s flanged, one-piece collars hold flatness and perpendicularity to ‹0.001 TIR. Available in aluminum, black-oxide steel and stainless steel, bore sizes range from ½” to 6” I.D., flange sizes to 10” O.D., with custom widths for heavy-duty applications. Flanged one-piece mounting collars can be used to attach gears, pulleys and sprockets without welding.

Vacuum laser welding

The new LASVAC laser welding in vacuum from PTR-Precision Technologies, offers higher aspect ratio welds, deeper penetration (~2X), less heat input and weld spatter and cleaner parts after welding. LASVAC vacuum laser technology provides the cleanest laser welding environment possible, eliminates the need for virtually all cover gases, and can integrate directly with existing laser lines.

Portable infared thermometer from SKF[/caption]

Portable infrared thermometer

The SKF TKTL 40 portable infrared thermometer enables safe and efficient measurement of machine temperature at a distance. The device can take photos and videos showing the temperatures measured, allowing maintenance technicians and operators to ascertain surface temperatures of equipment while enabling readings to be reviewed and shared. The detection of abnormal or high temperatures can help prevent problems and unplanned machinery downtime associated with lubricant or bearing damage.

The device is operated by aiming and pulling the trigger. The thermometer performs with a distance-to-spot ratio of 50:1 for accurate surface temperature readings of small areas. Two laser points indicate the targeted area for a measurement and the temperature is shown on the display. Where direct contact temperature measurement may be applicable, the TKTL 40 is supplied with a K-type probe connection for use independently or in tandem with the infrared technique.

Additional features include a backlit display and a bright LED illuminator for visibility in poorly lit environments. A data logging function can be engaged to track temperature changes over time. Users can select high or low alarm levels with audible warning signals. A user-selectable auto shut-off feature optimizes the rechargeable battery life to promote extended service intervals.

New version of simulation tool

CD-adapco has released version 9.04 of its STAR-CCM+ simulation tool. Users will see reductions in time-to-solution as well as productivity gains due to workflow improvements, parallel meshing and enhanced optimization. The addition of new physics models allows users to perform Computer Aided Engineering simulations that more closely represent realworld conditions.

New features such as concurrent per-part meshing allows users to distribute the wrapping and meshing of complex multi-part assemblies over many parallel processors; the adjoint solver expression lets users mathematically combine individual cost functions together into more representative expressions; CAD robustness study helps identify potential geometry failures that might disrupt design exploration and optimization studies; DFBI (dynamic fluid body interaction) contact coupling allows the user to model contact and collisions between moving bodies and boundaries; new levels of realism have been added to the volume rendering feature to make more meaningful analysis of the results; a field function editor will make their definition and creation more robust.