New Products: March/April 2014

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 Vapor recovery

Emerson Vapor Recovery Unit[/caption]

Emerson business unit Vilter Manufacturing has introduced its next generation vapor recovery units (VRUs). These VRUs feature hermetically sealed Copeland Scroll compressors, horizontal lube oil stabilizer and the ROC827 controller. Vapor recovery came to the forefront in August 2013 when the U.S. EPA issued a final ruling (40 CFR part 60, subpart 0000) requiring the capture and recovery of at least 95% of tank vapor produced in virtually all crude oil and gas production, transmission and distribution.

Emerson’s VRU is part of a vapor-recovery process that employs hermetically sealed scroll compressors requiring very low oil flows. The oil can be processed through a multi-stage, heated, horizontal stabilizer that removes all absorbed hydrocarbons from the lubricating oil. The oil is returned to the compressor as part of the closed-loop lubrication system. By employing the oil stabilizer, the system maximizes throughput while protecting the compressor from low oil viscosity caused by dilution, a common and serious problem in previous VRUs. They come in two applications: the Vilter VRU-44, which can accommodate pressures up to 175 psig, and the VRU-56, for pressures up to 150 psig.

Steam resistance to 550F


Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) has developed EnDura E90SR, an elastomer material that provides high temperature steam resistance. It is available as O-rings, T Seals and custom-molded geometries and is used in turbines, pumps, valves, geothermal tools and drilling equipment.

EnDura E90SR can withstand temperatures up to 550°F and high pressures, with resistance to rapid gas decompression. These properties make the material suited for use in anaerobic, high-temperature environments, such as those encountered in geothermal applications and enhanced oil recovery applications. It is available in all O-ring sizes and seal geometries.

Process flow meter

GE Measurement & Control has introduced the PanaFlow Z3 process flow meter. This ultrasonic instrument comes with an integrated flow cell with fully enclosed transducers and buffers. It also comes with threepath technology for better accuracy and redundancy.

Turbo molecular pumps

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum has released a line of turbo molecular pumps with integrated drive electronics as part of its Turbovac product line. Through an additional compression stage, the Turbovac 350i and 450i are suited for high vacuum applications and integration within compact pump systems. Offering a pumping speed for light gases which is said to be up to 60% above that of comparative products, and a compression level about 100 times higher compared to products of the previous generation, these pumps were designed especially for processes with small backing pumps.

Designed with classic rotors, these pumps provide high-gas throughput, fast run-up time and insensitivity to particulates. These multi-inlet pumps have been developed to meet the requirements of analytical instrumentation by offering flexibility and customization of the number, height and position of the vacuum connections. Additionally, there is the option of adapting the pump housing or customizing the pump to a specific vacuum chamber.

Metering ball valve

Ham-Let’s metering ball valve (MBV) incorporates metering and shut-off functions in one unit, combining a micro-meter control mechanism for gases and liquids with a sealing mechanism. It is said to be easy to install, not requiring multiple connectors and pipelines.

As the MBV series is a single unit, it replaces the two separate valves previously required. With the choice of three stem tapers enabling metering at flo w capacities as low as Cv=0.0001 with up to 11 handle turns, the MBV series meets the demand for precise flow control. The company offers five different O-ring materials providing a range of temperature and chemical coverage.