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Kawasaki 30 MW GT

Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) has completed development of a 30 MW gas turbine. The L30A is one of the highest efficiency models in this class and will be launched in the market worldwide in June 2012. By improving efficiency, this machine helps to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions. The L30A is expected to realize 9 ppm NOx. At ISO conditions it has 30.9 MW of rated output, 41.3% of thermal efficiency and 470ºC exhaust temperature, which makes it suitable for co-generation and combined heat and power plant (CHP) applications.

GT gas valve

Continental Controls Corporation has released the AGV 100, an electronic fuel valve to meter gaseous fuels for most gas turbines up to about 60 MW or for large gas engines. Valves with integrated flow measurement have an advantage over traditional position-based fuel valves. This configuration overcomes changes in supply pressure or ambient conditions and provides a condition monitoring input and, in the future, a measure of carbon consumption.

Flow measurement is accurate within 2% and the flow calculation can be changed via software to keep the measurement accurate when the composition of the gas changes. This valve has minimal pressure drop and skid edge supply pressure; a particularly important feature for applications using low-BTU or other alternative gaseous fuels, such as bio gas, digester gas or field gas.

Gas bucket polishing

AV&R Vision & Robotics Automated Polishing System polishes Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) on buckets using adaptive machining to obtain a constant thickness. Polishing this ceramic layer creates dust, so the system integrated a vacuum to keep the environment clean. It is also equipped with automated-hole-clearing. AV&R’s system can address both new makes and recoated parts (MRO).

Continuous emissions catalyst monitoring

Governor Control Systems, Inc. (GCS) has launched the Continuous Parameter Monitoring System (CPMS). It forms a part of the GCS emissions control system, which together with oxidation and three way catalysts, provides an integrated solution to control emissions. The CPMS ensures engines are in compliance with a set of regulations known as RICE NESHAP regarding catalyst monitoring on stationary engines. The EPA requires that each catalyst incorporates a CPMS to monitor the inlet temperature and differential pressure of the catalyst. GCS CPMS is delivered turn key, in a rugged pre-wired enclosure.


Carbon-graphite blanks

Metallized Carbon Corporation offers machinable, resin-impregnated, carbongraphite blanks for companies that need to machine mechanical seal primary rings, radial bearings, thrust bearings, case wear rings or pump vanes on an emergency basis. The machinable blanks are made from fine-grained, high-strength, molded carbon-graphite that is impregnated with chemically resistant, thermal setting resin. The material has lubricating qualities when running in low viscosity liquids between minus 400°F and over 500°F.

They are machinable with tungsten carbide or diamond tools. Mechanical seal rings, bearings, and vanes machined from these blanks are impervious to highpressure liquids. The material is dimensionally stable so that mechanical seal ring faces can be polished to one Helium light band flatness. The material is chemically resistant to almost all liquids except strong, oxidizing acids and alkalis.

Kop-Flex inventory and maintenance

Power Transmission Solutions, a business unit of Emerson IndustrialAutomation, has introduced a repair and maintenance program for Kop-Flex couplings, gear spindles and universal joints that can cut replacement cost and turnaround time by half. Developed for turbomachinery, rock crushers and off-road machinery, the custom program has cut spindle maintenance cost per ton of rolled steel by half at one Midwest U.S. steel mill. The program includes repair and maintenance, as well as inventory management, ensuring shipment of replacement heavy-duty couplings and gear spindles in 12 to 24 hours.

It includes development of a usage profile and maintenance of safety-stock inventory at Kop-Flex service centers in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Kop-Flex bears the inventory carrying cost and monitors inventory usage and requirements. The program reduces taxable asset inventory and ends expenditures on incorrect spare parts. It also optimizes a change-out schedule based on production needs. Kop-Flex recommends replacing worn components with new, so that used parts can be refurbished where possible and maintained for future repairs.

Barrel pressure transmitter

United Electric Controls (UE) has created the TX200H, a Hart smart pressure transmitter for shale oil and gas applications. The TX200H fits into tight confines. Utilizing the latest Hart 7 specifications, it communicates asset management data while providing simplified field adjustment. A 10:1 turndown on the pressure ranges from 0 to 15 psi (0 to 1 bar) up to 0 to 25,000 psi (0 to 1,724 bar) allows the TX200H transmitters to be ranged as needed to meet requirements. Typical ranges can ship in two weeks or less. The TX200H is constructed of 316 stainless steel, welded and hermetically sealed to meet enclosure type 4X and IP66 requirements. Its rugged design lends itself to being mounted directly onto the processes or within the control panel.

Coalescing filter

A new stainless steel coalescing filter from Norgren protects sensitive equipment by removing oil from compressed hydrocarbon gas or compressed air used to power operations in corrosive environments such as offshore oil rigs, refineries and chemical plants. The F22H is constructed of 316 stainless steel and its metallic parts meet NACE Standard MR-01-75, resisting sulfide stress cracking and discoloration in well-head and other locations.The half-inch ported F22His designed with a convoluted filter element, creating a large surface area to deliver high flow with minimal pressure drop.

The filter has a stainless steel manual drain. It is also available with an automatic drain that opens when a specified liquid level is attained, making it suited for unmanned satellite platforms. The maintenance cycle of the F22H coalescing filter is extended when used as part of Norgren’s three-stage filtration system. Two general purpose filters placed upstream remove water and particles of 25 microns and then 5 microns before they can contaminate the coalescing oil removal element.

Machinery protection module

A compact and cost-effective machinery protection monitor capable of monitoring two channels of bearing vibration, shaft vibration or shaft position has been introduced by Sensonics. The DN26 G3 unit is a rail-mountable module which has been designed specifically for machine monitoring and protection applications, such as fans, pumps, motors, centrifuges, turbines or any small-to-medium machine requiring reliable protection. The unit offers programmable signal conditioning with a range of measurement algorithms and sensor modes including, absolute vibration, relative vibration and shaft position (or thrust bearing wear). In addition, the module offers a dedicated speed monitor channel which can also be utilized as a phase reference for harmonic analysis of the vibration signals.

Temperature resistant adhesive

Master Bond elastomer system, EP30D-10, offers the strength, flexibility, performance, and adhesive qualities traditionally associated with epoxies, along with the toughness and abrasion resistance of polyurethanes. This two-component adhesive is resistant to thermal cycling and chemicals including water, inorganic salts, acids, and alkalis.

Serviceable over the wide temperature range of 4K to 220°F, EP30D-10 has been successfully used in numerous cryogenic applications. It cures at room temperature, or more rapidly at elevated temperatures. Parts more than an inch thick can be cast and cured without undue exothermic development. Featuring excellent electrical insulation properties and optical clarity, EP30D-10 is often used in casting and encapsulation applications in the electronic, aerospace, OEM, MRO, and optical industries.

Once cured, this flexibilized system develops a tensile strength of 1,500 psi and an elongation exceeding 150% at 75°F. It bonds well to a variety of substrates including, metals, wood, concrete, glass, vulcanized rubbers, and many plastics. This 100% reactive adhesive does not contain any solvents or diluents and is formulated to cure with minimal shrinkage.

Magnetic LED work light

Larson Electronics’ has released a portable pedestal mounted LED light that offers high power and magnetic mounting. The BML-150LED magnetic pedestal work area light provides as much illumination as 400 watt metal halide units and can be used as a portable pedestal or temporary magnetic back mount light. This light is heavy duty, built to withstand the elements, and operates with standard AC voltages. The BML-150LED LED pedestal/magnetic mount work area light from produces a 14,790 lumen light output. It features an IP68 rated waterproof LED assembly, aluminum pedestal mount platform, and four 200 lbs grip magnetic feet that provide a total of 800 lbs of gripping force for secure mounting to any ferrous metallic surface. The aluminum frame of this LED work light is designed for rugged use with heavy gauge aluminum construction, and adjustable carry handle, adjustable LED light head, and four magnetic mounting feet.