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Turbine control system

ABB and Ansaldo Energia launched a control system for Ansaldo gas and steam turbines. The new system, which has undergone 50,000 hours of testing and qualification at Ansaldo’s simulation laboratory, was based on ABB’s Symphony Plus technology. “This testifies to our ability to develop important skills locally that can be exported throughout the world,” said G.B. Ferrari, head of ABB Power Systems in Italy.

The control system uses algorithms to guarantee performance and safety as well as compliance with the strictest international standards, said the developers. They cite the possibility of SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level) certification in accordance with international standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511. SIL is a measure of safety system performance or probability of failure on demand for the safety system.

The higher the SIL level, the lower the probability of failure and the better the system performance. Failure of an application compliant with SIL3 security requirements could lead to death.

Symphony Plus was launched in 2011 and has an installed base of some 6,000 applications. Ansaldo Energia has an installed base of about 175,000 MW in single and combined cycle gas turbine, steam, hydro and geothermal plants.,


Filtration system

Eclipse Magnetics’ Automag Compact is a high-intensity automated magnetic filter which improves efficiency on small-tomedium- sized precision metal machining processes, such as grinding, honing, milling or super-finishing. It can be retrofitted into existing machining processes. Its magnetic circuit extracts potentially damaging ferrous particles down to submicron size from industrial fluids such as lubricants and coolants.

Oil filtration field services

Oil Filtration Systems is now providing oil reclamation, purification, and hot oil flushing field services. The company, a manufacturer of industrial oil and fuel filtration equipment, can provide factorytrained crews to employ its systems on a contract basis.

Routine filtration and high-velocity, hot-oil flushing services are a critical part of preventive maintenance of all rotating equipment. The damaging effects of particulate contamination have been well documented as causes of premature component wear and failure. Periodic flushing can help ensure optimal system cleanliness by dislodging particles that would otherwise cling to walls of piping during laminar flow. Once dislodged, particles are removed via a series of high-efficiency filter elements.

Machining center

Okuma America Corp. has debuted the MU-10000H, a 5-axis, high-speed, horizontal machining center. The MU- 10000H is Okuma’s largest and most agile Computer Numerical Control machine, which is designed for aerospace machining, heavy equipment and other large parts. It delivers high-torque and high-speed machining, and can run from a cold start.