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Oil mist eliminator

Subjecting lubrication oil to high-temperature and high-speed mechanical forces in the lube oil tank creates oil mist. The SPX oil mist eliminator captures and coalesces this mist, returning it back to the lube oil tank for re-use. Advantages include increased protection of the environment, reduced oil waste, easier machine maintenance and improved safety.

The Dollinger filter element traps oil droplets and particles down to 0.3 microns and has a life of up to five years. It includes non-blower and blower-assist models for positive and negative pressure systems. 3

LNG In A Box

GE has introduced the LNG In A Box system, a small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling solution. The initial deployment will be in LNG fueling stations in Europe to be delivered by Luxembourg-based LNG firm Gasfin through its operating company AIRLNG. Gasfin will install the first unit near the border of Italy and Slovenia, with the potential for an additional 25 units for expansion into Europe and the CIS countries. In comparison to GE’s Micro LNG plant announced last year, this new system offers a more modular fueling solution covering an LNG production range of 10,000–50,000 gallons a day (16-18 tons/day).

Revamped bearing

Kingsbury, Inc. has reduced from nineto- four the number of standard configurations of its CH System, a combination fluid-film, thrust-and-journal bearing, adapting the system to a wider range of shaft sizes.

The system, suited for pump applications, consists of a CH housing that contains two thrust bearings and a journal bearing to support the shaft load, and a separate C housing with a journal bearing to support the drive end of the shaft. The machine is positioned between the two units. The oil circulator, working in tandem with the thrust collar, delivers oil to the non-drive-end, thrust-and-journal bearing and the isolated drive-end journal bearing. This self-contained CH unit eliminates a lube skid and assures oil is always circulating to the bearings while the shaft is turning, making a backup lube system unnecessary.


Gas turbine oil

ExxonMobil is launching Mobil DTE 932 GT oil to improve the reliability and power output of gas turbines. It limits varnish formation and meets or exceeds the standards for GE Frame 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 turbines. It also delivers high temperature performance, deposit control foam control and air release.

Voith controls

Voith has released two control-related products. The electrohydraulic linear drive regulates control valves on turbines without needing a hydraulic power pack. An integrated spring assembly enables the drive to close the control valve in less than 200 ms in the event of a malfunction. Oil management is not required because there will be no ingress of dirt from an external source. The position is controlled in the linear drive using the suppression principle via a servo motor and a servo pump.

Voith’s TurCon DTm is designed to control steam turbines with power of up to 500 MW and is suited to different control modes from speed and frequency control to complicated extraction steam control. It features an integrated speed measurement system with short-circuit and open-circuit monitoring. It also monitors electric lines for malfunctions.

Laser shaft alignment

Manufactured by Hamar Laser and distributed by Hyatt Industries, the S- 660T is an entry-level shaft alignment laser system. Its Couple6 shaft alignment software runs on an industrialclass tablet with Windows 7. S-660 Dual-Fan measurement technology enables accurate measurement of offset and angle simultaneously using two laser fans and two PSDs. An internal Bluetooth transmitter has a range of up to 33-ft.

Pressure transducer

American Sensor Technologies (AST) has released the AST4530 PVDF/PTFE submersible pressure transducer. Intended for liquid level measurement of corrosive liquids in which stainless steel or titanium cannot survive, the AST4530 is designed for long-term survivability and stability. The transducer offers measurement ranges from 0-2.5 PSI up to 30 PSI.

Through the latest sensing technologies, changes in pressure are transmitted through a PTFE diaphragm and converted to an output signal. Submersible pressure transducers offer some flexibility in comparison to ultrasonic and radar level sensors. Vapors generated from the liquid will not affect the sensing element of a submersible pressure transducer. Foaming or reflections of the liquid will not generate false readings as the sensor measures liquid pressure based on specific gravity.

Monitoring service

Typically, service of compressors and compressor rooms has been based either on regular technician visits or because of unforeseen problems requiring intervention. Accordingly, Atlas Copco has released a new service known as SmartLink data monitoring that provides insight into potential problems, shows where production can be optimized and where energy can be saved.

Bearing failure protection

The Aegis iPro Bearing Protection Ring from Electro Static Technology extends the life of medium-voltage motors and improves the reliability of systems by channeling harmful electrical currents away from bearings to the ground. Designed for high-current applications, it protects generators, turbines, and medium-voltage motors against electrical bearing damage.

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