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Toshiba combustor

Toshiba Corporation has successfully tested a combustor to be used in a thermal power generation system that produces low-cost electricity and little-to-no air emissions. Testing was initiated at a facility in California in January 2013, to confirm and demonstrate its operation within the new generation system’s required environment: high operating pressure and temperature, plus a combustion mixture of oxygen, natural gas and a high concentration of CO2. The new thermal power plant uses a supercritical CO2 working fluid to produce low-cost electricity while cutting emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), CO2 and other pollutants. CO2 is separated and collected at high-pressure without requiring additional carbon capture equipment or processes, enabling full carbon capture without increasing the cost of electricity. The captured CO2 can be subsequently sequestered or used for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), a process for increasing the production of mature oil fields. The result is affordable power generation without atmospheric emission of harmful greenhouse and other polluting gases. The system operates at a pressure of 300 atmospheres. Toshiba is developing the system with NET Power LLC, Chicago Bridge & Iron Company and Exelon Corporation. The four companies intend to demonstrate this emission-free system with a 25 MW natural gas pilot plant in 2015 and a 250 MW full-scale natural gas commercial plant by 2017.

Centrifugal compressor

TURBO-AIR NX integrally geared centrifugal compressors include the new TURBO-AIR NX 12000. It is suited to compressed air or gas requirements in the air separation, steel, mining, automotive, aerospace, petrochemical and refinery industries. It comes with the Maestro Universal SP Control Lubrication System with a coolant-side temperature control valve that regulates coolant flow to optimize system efficiency; 5-axis milled impellers; a compressor cooling system with a water-in-tube design; a horizontally split gearbox; and variable inlet guide vanes.

Measuring moisture

GE Measurement & Control has released an analyzer package called air.IQ designed to simplify the selection and installation of moisture analyzers in industrial environments. It measures moisture in inert gas applications. Offered with GE’s IQ.probe, air.IQ eliminates the need to program calibration data or to wire the probe to the analyzer. Applications and markets served include industrial gases, air dryer/clean dry air, plastics drying, power generation applications, and various pharmaceutical, transportation and industrial manufacturing plant applications. GE Measurements & Control has also released Sentinel LCT4, an ultrasonic flow meter to measure crude oil and other liquid refined products. It is a multi-viscosity meter that uses algorithms to reduce viscosity effects. It is viscosity-independent, meaning there is no need to prove or recalibrate when viscosity changes.


Remote valve operation

Smith Flow Control’s FlexiDrive valve actuator can be applied to any conventional wheel-operated device in oil, gas or chemical process plants. It is adaptable to any conventional valve with no modifications needed. A linear drive cable delivers rotary torque for distances up to 30 meters depending on the output torque required. The system can be passed through and around walls, bulkheads and floors. It is sealed and lubricated for continuous loop operation. The FlexiDrive is suitable for underwater use, constructed from corrosion- resistant 316 stainless steel. It can withstand temperatures from -22 to 347 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vacuum pumps

With its vacuum pumps, Atlas Copco has found a range of products to feature its gas compression technologies, like screw, claw and scroll elements. They range in capacity from 20 m³/h to 5,000 m³/h, and at vacuum levels less than 1 mbar. These pumps are said to be ideal for food processing and packaging, woodworking, rubber and plastics (forming, molding, extrusion), material handling, lifting, printing, electronics and more.

Emerson targets biomass

Emerson Process Management enables biomass-fuelled power plants to monitor feedstock moisture content and to adjust the combustion process for efficiency. The product combines a biomass fuel-moisture sensor with the company’s Ovation control system. Suitable for new or existing installations, it is made up of a skid that takes biomass fuel from the transport system, measures its moisture content using microwave technology and returns it to the transport system. Volumetric evaluation occurs every 2-3 minutes, providing temperature and moisture content of the feedstock.

3D scanner

The ATOS Core series is the newest addition to the company’s line of 3D scanners engineered by GOM GmbH Germany. It fuses 3D scanning technology and software for inspection, prototyping and reverse engineering applications. Parametric inspection, touch-probe, photogrammetry and automation can be added. It is architected using GOM’s stereo camera structured blue light technology to obtain a physical object’s surface geometry digitally. After each scan, the software aligns each measurement to build an accurate 3D virtual representation of the object. The ATOS Core is offered in three different product lines- Essential, Professional, and Kinematics.

Low nitrogen oxide emissions

MAN Diesel & Turbo has reduced the nitrogen oxide emissions of its new MGT gas turbine to single digit NOx values in the load range between 50 and 100%. This has been achieved with the MGT 6100, the single-shaft version of the MGT gas turbine family. The new gas turbine generation has a 6 to 8 MW, and can be started in less than ten minutes.