New pumped hydro project

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Canadian project to develop multi-gigawatt pumped hydro storage


Quidnet Energy and Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) in Canada have launched a project to develop a low-cost, multi-gigawatt geologic energy storage resource in Alberta, utilizing Quidnet's modular pumped hydro storage technology. Quidnet's Geomechanical Pumped Storage (GPS) technology stores energy in the form of water compressed between layers of shale and enables renewable energy projects to store excess energy for extended periods of time, to be released when the grid needs power. It provides balance to the grid and optimizes utilization of transmission infrastructure for delivering renewable generation to load centers.

Quidnet is developing energy storage projects in Texas, Ohio, and New York State. With per-kilowatt installed costs projected at less than 50% of batteries and traditional pumped storage, the Quidnet Energy systems can be configured for applications with 10-hours or more of storage duration. The modular design allows it to be scaled to the needs of specific projects and built on a diverse array of terrain.