New technology combines solar, fossil power and energy storage

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Pintail Power has announced a new patented technology that combines solar and conventional power generation with molten salt thermal energy storage to deliver low-carbon dispatchable power. The result is the production of more than ten times as much solar energy as in previous Integrated Solar Combined Cycle power plants, delivery of solar-generated energy, and Gigawatt-hour scale storage.

The new Dispatchable Solar Combined Cycle (DSCC) technology reduces fossil fuel use and green-house gases 30% below the world's most fuel efficient Combined Cycle Power Plant. As a unique and added benefit it provides more cost-effective energy storage to time shift solar energy into the evening, and permits faster startup and more responsive load following than conventional power plants.

DSCC's thermal energy storage allows time-shifting solar power. A non-reheat 


 cycle and a simpler Heat Recovery 


 Generator permits flexible load following while also reducing costs for power plant owners.

Citing the CAISO Governors Vision for 2030 where base-load operation is replaced by flexible gas plants and energy storage, inventor and Pintail Power CEO 


William Conlon

 said, "This is the first of a new class of hybrid power systems designed to overcome the Duck Curve — essentially the challenge of PV solar over-generation during the day and the need for fast ramping energy to meet customer demand as the sun sets. DSCC increases the amount of solar energy delivered by 25% and reducing the cost of energy by 32%. Bottom line:  customers benefit from a more efficient and more responsive system while significantly reducing the cost of energy."

The invention, U.S. Patent Number 9,816,490, will be offered by Pintail Power LLC, via technology licenses and design support to developers as a way to make CSP plants competitive in the US and expand global market opportunities, particularly in the 

Middle East