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Turbine-driven truck

Capstone’s C30 and C65 microturbines paired with a custom hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) drive system provide an alternative to gas engines. Microturbines can operate in conjunction with mobile onboard battery packs to provide power to an electric motor that drives the wheels. These microturbines can be used as range extenders and onboard battery chargers. With Capstone’s lean premix combustion technology, the microturbine can achieve low emission levels without exhaust after treatment or impact on product efficiency.

This can eliminate the need for daytime battery charging or swapping, enable HEVs to plug into the local grid at night and recharge when electric rates are lowest, lower fuel consumption, reduce maintenance costs since the microturbine is aircooled and uses no oil, lower NOx emissions with no additional pollution control equipment, and achieve vehicle size, payload and operating range capabilities not found in electric-only vehicles.

As result, the Advanced Vehicle Experience concept truck features a Capstone microturbine-powered range extender and integrated hybrid powertrain. The use of a hybrid powertrain allows the microturbine to remain at operating capacity while the electric motor and energy storage provide acceleration and deceleration.

This Class 8 tractor cab offers a 20% aerodynaic improvement compared to the Peterbilt Model 386, a centered driver’s seat that can rotate 180 degrees, an electronic dashboard with customizable gauges and performance data, a fullsize cab/sleeper. A carbon fiber trailer keeps the weight down.

While the Walmart concept truck (Turbomachinery International Mar/Apr 2014, p.35) might never make it to mass production, it has become a platform for research and development efforts for Capstone and other HEV component manufacturers. A number of real-world HEV demonstration projects are already in the works.

In partnership with two California air districts, Capstone has developed a Class 7 compressed natural gas-powered microturbine range extender series electric truck for commercial use.

The emissions and fuel consumption for this truck have been analyzed using commercial routes; the average high mile route yielded a 55% boost while the low mile route yielded a 241% boost in fuel efficiency over a diesel truck. In addition, Capstone has deployed a Class 8 series hybrid work truck project, which is in the works at the Port of Los Angeles.

Ingersoll Rand compressor

Ingersoll Rand is debuting the Turbo-Air NX 8000 integrally geared centrifugal compressor. The control, lubrication and cooling systems optimize flow and operational efficiency. It is rated from 750 kW to 1,700 kW (1,000 hp to 2,250 hp) with flows from 142 to 283 m3/min (5,000 to 10,000 CFM) and pressures from 3.5 to 14.5 barg (50 to 210 psig).

“The design achieves low internal pressure drops that translate into efficiency gains,” said Cary Collins, engineered centrifugal compression leader of the Compressed Air and Gas Systems and Services business at Ingersoll Rand.

The Turbo-Air NX 8000’s lubrication reservoir tank doubles as the sub-base of the compressor, allowing it to retain lubrication fluid and serve as the foundation for the compressor and its major subcomponents. The sub-base is built with two heavy-duty I-beams and plate steel to improve the structural strength of the compressor package. The basic trim package includes a temperature probe, level gauge and heater.

The Turbo-Air NX 8000 can also be packaged in compliance with American Petroleum Institute (API) 614, 670, 671 and 672 standards for oil and gas applications. It comes equipped with the Maestro Universal SP control system and a lubrication system with a coolant-side temperature control valve that regulates coolant flow. It also has a compressor cooling system which consists of a water-in-tube intercooler design, and a gearbox.

Simulation software

CD-adapco has released version 10.06 of its Star-CCM+ engineering simulation software. This release features the introduction of Computational Rheology, which targets problems where viscous and viscoelastic effects are dominant. Applications include: flow in static mixers, flow in containers, pumping slurries with significant heat generation, as well as extrusions and material processing. The capability is built on the same Finite Element (FE) framework as Computational Solid Mechanics delivered in v10.04.

Allison 501K retrofit

Frontline Aerospace has developed IsoCool, a bolt-on compressor retrofit technology for the Rolls-Royce (Allison) 501K that improves heat rate, increases power output and lowers emissions. IsoCool stands for isothermal compression, which is impossible to truly achieve. By removing heat, stage by stage, from the compressor via water cooling the stator vanes and adding heat fins to increase air side surface area, the work required to compress air can be reduced.

By implementing compressor air cooling in this way, reductions in heat rate and increases in shaft power can be achieved by swapping compressor cases and making a few minor system changes. At certain times, the focus can be on lower heat rates (fuel expense), and at others, higher power output depending on the application. According to Frontline, 10% heat rate improvements and 15% power improvements can be achieved along with lower emissions.

The Rolls-Royce 501K family is often used in natural gas pumping (compressor drive), power generation and industrial applications. More than 1,500 of these Allison gas turbines are in service worldwide for land-based applications. Additionally, there are about and 6,000 flying gas turbines (T56) primarily on C130 Hercules transport aircraft.

The current rating of the 501K, depending on model varies from 4 to 8 MW. Frontline has demonstrated IsoCool for the much smaller Rolls-Royce Model 250 C20B helicopter gas turbine with good performance results.



The Turbo Aerator KTF 5000 by Kinetic Traction Systems, Inc. (KTSi) offers aeration for industries that require air processing. Unlike conventional compressors with lubricated gearboxes, the Kinetic Turbo Aerator uses a single-shaft coupling the impeller and direct-drive, highspeed permanent magnet motor eliminating oil carryover contaminates in the aircompression process to comply with ISO 8573 and ISO 12500 quality standards.

With only one moving part, the Turbo Aerator combines a direct-drive aircooled permanent magnet motor, selfdiagnostic active magnetic bearings and controls, a high-efficiency impeller and a variable frequency inverter with optimized algorithms for high-speed rotation.

Power oxidation

Ener-Core has a global licensing agreement with Dresser-Rand (D-R) to develop and market D-R’s KG2-3GEF 2MW gas turbine coupled with an Ener-Core’s oxidizer (Turbomachinery International, Mar/Apr 2014, p. 26). The result is the KG2-3GEF/PO which offers wide fuel spec tolerance, less than 1ppmv NOx, and is said to accept H2S and be tolerant to siloxane. Two units are likely to be installed at Pacific Ethanol’s plant in Stockton, California.

By replacing a gas turbine’s traditional combustor with power oxidation technology, low-quality and previously unusable waste gases that are currently flared into the atmosphere can be converted into heat that can be used to generate low-cost on-site clean power and steam. With its 250 kilowatt power stations already operating in Europe and the U.S., EnerCore’s Gradual Oxidation technology provides for base-load power using waste gas.

Petrochemical bearings

Morgan Advanced Materials offers axial and radial bearings for applications in the petrochemical industry with severe service conditions. Morgan’s bearings are mechanically strong at high temperatures for applications where conventional lubricants are not effective. The bearings have a low wear rate due to construction from carbon, graphite or silicon carbon-based materials. The bearings also feature chemical inertness and dimensional stability.

Sullair compressors

Sullair, known mostly for rotary screw compressors, has released a line of centrifugal compressors that operate up to 30,000 hp. The company offers two families of centrifugal compressors: the Tseries and f-series.

The new T-series compressors come in complete packages, with models ranging from 168 to 2,306 hp producing flows from 553 to 11,772 cfm. fseries compressors are available in both packaged and non-packaged options and are available from single stage up to four stages, offering flow rates up to 118,000 SCFM. Both series offer oil-free air, and a horizontal split design gearbox allowing easy access to all moving parts.

SKF products

SKF has released three new products: E300V2, IMx-M and @ptitude Analyst.

E300V2 is a magnetic bearing control cabinet that replaces an earlier version. It is a modular system with new features, such as remote monitoring and diagnostics, redundancy of key components, backup UPS and a high-resolution data acquisition system.

The Multilog On-line System IMx-M together with the @ptitude Monitoring Suite software can provide a complete system for initiation of machinery shutdown, early fault detection, and diagnosis.

IMX-M is aimed at offshore machinery. In conjunction with @ptitude Analyst software, it provides an integrated system for fault detection, failure prevention and condition-based maintenance.

Its primary function is to protect critical and semi-critical rotating plant assets from catastrophic failure. This is achieved by monitoring key parameters, such as vibration, rotating parts clearances and temperatures, then proceed to alarm or initiate machinery shutdown when predefined threshold levels are reached.

Terminator Millhog Pipe-Beveling Tool[/caption]

Pipe beveling tool

The portable Terminator Millhog Pipe- Beveling Tool features an adjustable holder that indexes and locks for easy setup. It has a dual-spring safety hanger that facilitates alignment on pipe from 8- 5/8” I.D. up to 36” O.D. One person can setup, align and machine large pipe ends. This pipe machining tool can bevel, face, and bore simultaneously to create precision end preps that are the foundation for producing precision welds. Equipped with user-selectable TiN-coated tool bits, it comes with a 5 HP pneumatic motor or an optional hydraulic motor and does not require cutting fluids.

Kobelco compressor

Kobelco has announced the VG680/VG690 series of integrally geared centrifugal compressors. Aimed at petrochemical and industrial gas plants, these compact units deliver high efficiency with capacities in the range of 300 to 400 Nm3/h. A new impeller design increases efficiency by 3% and allows up to a 5% reduction in drive power. Inlet guide vanes are included at all stages for a wider operating range.

MTU LM share

MTU Aero Engines will have a stake in the LM6000-PF+, the latest version of the GE LM6000 aeroderivative turbine. It has taken a 13% work share as a risk- and revenuesharing partner in the development and production of this industrial gas turbine, which is derived from the CF6 aircraft engine. The PF+ offers an output of 52 to 58 MW and a combined-cycle efficiency of 56%.

Diagnostic power

With Omnitrend Center, Pruftechnik Condition Monitoring provides a platform that communicates with the company’s offline and online systems such as Vibxpert, Vibronet Signalmaster, Vibguard and Vibroweb XP. It is available in single user or client-server versions, is ready for the cloud, and provides knowledge-based machine templates.

Thermoplastic polymers

EGC Critical Components announced its dures family of thermoplastic polymer composites for the manufacture of bushings, bearings and wear rings in pumps handling a wide range of liquids, including those that contain solid matter.

The new material has four products: dures150, dures250, duresA451 and duresXPC2. Dures150 and 250 were developed for chemical, thermal shock and impact and abrasive resistance, with a temperature range of 150°F and 250°F, respectively.

DuresA451 is produced from chop carbon fiber and reinforced compression molded PEEK. It is used in the manufacture of bushings, bearings and wear rings with high chemical resistance, as well as non-galling and non-seizing properties. But it is not suited to abrasive applications or operating temperatures above 275°F. DuresXPC2, formulated from continuous carbon fiber with PEEK base polymer, is recommended for operating temperatures up to 550°F.

Schneider Wonderware

Schneider Electric Wonderware 2014 R2 intelligence software collects, calculates and contextualizes data and metrics from sources across manufacturing operations, puts it into centralized storage and updates it all in near-real time. Wonderware’s visual analytics and dashboards allow everyone in operations to see the same version from a single data warehouse.