O&M contract signed for F class plant in Texas

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PIC Group, Inc. has entered into an operations and maintenance contract with Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc. to provide full care, custody and control O&M services to GSEC’s Mustang Station facility, located near Denver City, Texas. The facility is currently comprised of two GE 7231FA combustion turbine generators, and an ABB VAX steam turbine generator, operating in combined cycle mode.


The facility also includes two GE 7241FA combustion turbine generators operating in simple cycle peaking mode. This is the second O&M contract between PIC and GSEC headquartered in Amarillo, Texas. Like Antelope Station, Mustang Station provides low cost, reliable electric service for its rural distribution cooperative members.

Bruce Wertz, Director of O&M at PIC said, “We also operate GSEC’s Antelope Station in Abernathy, Texas. Our efficient handling of that facility, and its 18 Wartsila reciprocating engine generators, has shown GSEC that when you contract with PIC, you truly get the best of the best.”