Open architecture control solutions for heavy frame gas turbines

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Wood Group GTS and Rockwell Automation have formed a strategic partnership to facilitate the joint development of a fully integrated, open architecture controls platform for power generation applications.

This relationship enables Wood Group GTS to deliver services beyond a typical system integrator, working collaboratively with Rockwell Automation to provide GE heavy frame gas turbine operators with the first open architecture, fully integrated controls platform.

The immediate focus of this new partnership is the launch of a PlantPAx based controls upgrade for DLN equipped GE Frame 6B, 7E, and 9E gas turbines, including Balance of Plant, with future expansion into F-class machines.



John Nesi, Vice President of Market Development for Rockwell Automation said power generation companies are under pressure to maximize performance, drive down operating costs and minimize risk of plant operations. “We're able to offer our mutual customers proven, safe, and field-tested turbine control system upgrades that maximize their return on investment by reducing operating costs, lowering total cost of ownership and improving availability."

Frank Avery, President of Wood Group GTS' Power Plant Services said, "This partnership brings together two companies to deliver a fully integrated, open architecture controls solution for both the heavy frame gas turbines and balance of plant applications."