Opis Renewables, Global Battery OEM Structure Deal to Train BESS Project Technicians

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Texas’ 200 MW BESS battery storage project will be supported by a team of Opis specialists trained in operational maintenance and emergency response.

A provider of renewable energy O&M solutions—Opis Renewables—announced a joint venture with an international battery OEM. The partnership will send a team of Opis battery specialists to support the 200 MW battery energy storage systems (BESS) project in Reeves County, TX. The employees of the BESS project parent company will receive additional operational and maintenance training from the Opis team.

Robert Edinger, CEO of Opis Renewables said: "This is the second deal with this OEM, and our team is committed to delivering the highest level of expertise and support for the success of this BESS project. We are acutely aware of the shortage of qualified and trained wind, solar, and storage technicians in the United States, and Opis is working hard to fill the labor shortage gap within the renewables industry."

The Opis training modules will contain information on maintenance, warranty replacement, and emergency response to ensure the stability and reliability of the BESS-operated power grid. BESS can be fully optimized with the combination of Opis’ battery technicians and the newly trained employees of the parent corporation.


The 200 MW capacity of the BESS container units allows for the storage and delivery of renewable energy to the grid, including during periods of peak electricity consumption.

In conjunction with providing parent companies with onsite employee training, Opis launched its own education and concierge service focused on certifying technicians in the renewable industry. The trainees will meet within Opis’ 20,000-square-foot facility to receive lessons on advanced rescue, basic technical, and basic safety from an experienced team of trainers.

This cooperation between Opis and the international battery OEM marks the company’s fifth deal in the United States, with all five contracts being secured within one year of launch. Opis is offering these training contracts in order to address the national shortage of qualified technicians in the renewable energy industry.