ORC partnership

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Exergy International and Geothermal Development & Investment (GDI) have signed a partnership agreement for the exclusive distribution of turnkey geothermal power plants in Japan, using ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology. They will offer design and engineering of the system as well as manufacturing, erection, start up and aftersales services.

Exergy has an experience in power plant design for the geothermal sector and counts the world's second largest ORC binary fleet worldwide, with around 450 MW of installed capacity. GDI has established expertise in one-stop development, operation and maintenance of renewable energy power plants, with several successful ORC-based geothermal projects co-developed with local communities. Leveraging these close community ties and expertise shared through the GPSS Group, GDI has built a vast development pipeline for geothermal power plants with ORC technology.


The partnership between Exergy and GDI is expected to give birth to the development of joint MW scale projects and contribute to the growth of geothermal development in Japan, which has the world’s third-largest geothermal resource potential.