Man Energy gets contract for Balticonnector project

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For MAN Energy Solutions Switzerland Ltd, "Baltic 2018" is the first order within the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan (BEMIP), the most important energy supply initiative for the Baltic region. As the next step in integrating the Baltic states Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia into the European energy grid, the "Balticconnector" pipeline is part of the BEMIP plan. This pipeline will ensure the connection of the Finnish and Estonian gas grids. Starting in the Finnish town of Siuntio, it runs to Ingå (Finland), continuing underwater to Paldiski (Estonia) and stretches via Kiili to Puiatu. The project is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union.

The order includes two MOPICO RM40 with a MAN M33 motor each and a corresponding AMB system (Active Magnetic Bearing System) supplied by MAN owned MECOS. In addition to the compressor systems, the scope includes the delivery, planned for summer 2019, as well as their commissioning. The compressor trains are designed, manufactured and tested at MAN Energy Solutions in Zurich, Switzerland.


The compressor systems will be installed in the Estonian towns Paldiski and Puiatu, which are around 200 kilometers apart. In order to enable large volumes of gas to be transported across longer distances, the compressors have to increase the pressure in the pipeline on one hand, but also keep the required pressure level stable on the other. The MOPICO for Paldiski will compress the natural gas to approx. 65 bar and the MOPICO® for Puitatu will then compress it to approx. 55 bar.