Pasta maker opts for microturbine-based CHP

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Capstone Turbine has received an order for a C600 Signature Series microturbine for the Italian pasta maker Il Pastaio di Maffei S.&C. Snc. (Maffei).

IBT Group, Capstone’s Italian distributor, secured the order, which is expected to be commissioned in December 2016.

The natural gas-fueled C600S microturbine will be installed in a combined heat and power (CHP) application to produce primary power and 3 tons of saturated steam per hour using a co-fired steam boiler. The 600kW microturbine will operate in a grid connect configuration at over 80 percent system efficiency, which will significantly lower the site’s grid reliance and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.


Situated in Southeast Italy, family-owned pasta maker Maffei has been making pasta since 1960 and is now a globally recognized brand. Working directly with IBT Group, Maffei selected Capstone microturbines for their ability to efficiently produce saturated steam for pasta production and their ability to be easily expanded to a C1000 to support larger energy loads in the future.